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Simplify your oral care routine and become smile-ready in seconds with Plackers ortho-pick® Floss Picks. With these innovative floss picks, flossing with braces is no longer a painful and difficult task. Designed specifically for maintaining oral hygiene with braces, the FlipPick™ feature gently cleans between teeth and bracket wires, effectively removing food debris.  Each package contains 36 unflavored orthodontic dental floss picks. 

Designed to fit under the braces wire

Our engineered Tuffloss® doesn’t stretch or shred

FlipPick™ folds out for gentle cleaning between teeth and brackets

QuickFix™ Grip helps you reach tight spaces

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    "Absolutely love these things. I even pack them in the car and my purse. Keeps my teeth nice and clean!"

    - Rachel (Verified Purchase)

    • Tuffloss®

      Doesn't stretch or shred

    • FlipPick™

      Folds out fast for a super clean feeling

    • QuickFix™

      Grip helps you reach tight spaces