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Kids Dual Gripz

Kids Dual Gripz


Simplify your oral care routine and become smile-ready in seconds with Plackers Dual Gripz Floss Picks! With a delicious wild berry flavor and colorful design, these floss picks are sure to get kids excited about flossing and maintaining good oral hygiene. 

Our engineered Tuffloss® doesn’t stretch or shred

Wild Berry Flavor for delicious, clean fun

Dual Gripz for all ages and stages

With Fluoride

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    "Absolutely love these things. I even pack them in the car and my purse. Keeps my teeth nice and clean!"

    - Rachel (Verified Purchase)

    • Tuffloss®

      Doesn't stretch or shred

    • FlipPick™

      Folds out fast for a super clean feeling

    • QuickFix™

      Grip helps you reach tight spaces