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Proper dental health goes beyond brushing and flossing. Additional oral care tools offered by Plackers such as our straight or angled interdental brushes offer easy ways to help remove plaque and trapped food, as well as to curb bad breath. Plackers also offers a variety of other oral care solutions, including tongue scrapers and dental tools.

GentlePicks ~ Plackers
(1 bag of 60 brushes)

Dental Brushes
Dental Brushes ~ Plackers
(1 bag of 10 brushes)

Angle Brushes
Angle Dental Brushes ~ Plackers
(1 bag of 10 brushes)

Tongue Cleaner
Tongue Cleaners ~ Plackers
(1 package of 2 cleaners)

Dental Tools
Dental Picks & Tools ~ Plackers
(1 package)

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